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DadBoner - Thu May 17 2012

11:11 AM #
Really lookin' forward to the weekend, you guys.

11:49 AM #
Picked up this bad boy for my meet up with Ann tonight. Might be the coolest tee I've ever seen:

11:55 AM #
When you find a tee with a snake AND a rockin' guitar on it, you have to get it on. It's not about fashion, it's about style.

12:14 PM #
Wanna be jacked for my meet up with Ann. Found a copy of Men's Health by the trash. Put a Penthouse cover over it, don't wanna look funny.

12:20 PM #
When people see you readin' Men's Health, they just assume you're into guy on guy carnal action. That's cool in private, but not my style.

12:25 PM #
Men's Health should do a version for straight shooters called "Babes & Health." Same health tips, but replace all the dudes with babes.

12:28 PM #
I shouldn't have to put a Penthouse cover over my Men's Health. I don't care about assumptions. I'm all beef macho. But people are immature.

12:35 PM #
Men's Health says you need protein before and after workouts. Gonna put a KFC 10 pc in the john for when I do my 'shups. Bucket o' muscles.

01:56 PM #
Ken came in the john when I was eatin' KFC and readin' my Penthouse (Men's Health). Asked him, "Wanna get jacked?" He turned and walked out.

02:00 PM #
If you walk into the john and there's a cool guy in there eatin' KFC and readin' Penthouse, you stick around and learn somethin', you guys.

02:19 PM #
Did a set of 'shups to exhaustion (14). Crashed on the floor & smashed a KFC thigh bone into my snake guitar tee. Big stain. Really steamed.

02:22 PM #
Tried to scrub the stain out with some hand soap and paper towels. Didn't work. Gonna let it soak for awhile.

02:33 PM #
Went back into work with no shirt on! Sat there for 5 min before I realized it. Don't think anyone noticed though. If they did, their treat.

02:56 PM #
Shirt is still soaked. Might just wear it, let it dry to my bod, shrink to fit style. Looks badass. Could be the new "wet" look. So carnal.

03:33 PM #
Gotta go meet Ann. Shirt is still wet, but not wet enough for the "wet look." Might just soak it down again. Tell her the style is on point.