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DadBoner - Fri May 18 2012

02:02 PM #
Happy Friday to ya, you guys.

02:05 PM #
Meeting with Ann was a disaster. We went to 'Bees.Thought it was supposed to be a one on one. She brought Doug & Tina Carlson. So steamed.

02:10 PM #
Sat down in my soaked snake guitar tee, and Doug said, "Karl, are you ok? You're soaked with sweat." Told him, "It's the wet look, corncob."

02:13 PM #
Doug's such a load. He wouldn't know style if it got dumped on his back like a hot jar of mayonnaise. That's a Calvin Klein quote, you guys.

02:16 PM #
Ann started with the, "Karl, we're all here at Applebee's tonight because we're worried about you." Stupid. I was there for eats & drinks.

02:19 PM #
Ann said, "Doug & Tina came along because they're your friends and they're worried about you too." Well they're not MY friends. Assclowns.

02:24 PM #
Flagged a waitress and asked for a Mucho Marg. (it's a marg, but the big size in spanish.) Ann said, "Karl, no." Ordered 2, shut her down.

02:26 PM #
Tina asked if she could say something. I told her, "Yeah, but go do it in the john. Flush while you say it so no one has to hear your crap."

02:29 PM #
Tina said, "I'm sorry Ann, I can't do this. We're leavin. C'mon Doug." Told Doug, "yeah, Doug, go take your wife for a walk." Shut her down.

02:32 PM #
Doug said, "Karl, I feel sorry for you. You need help." Said, "I just ordered 2 Mucho Margs, help is on the way." Shut him down.

02:37 PM #
After Doug & Tina hit the bricks (didn't leave money for their pops. So rude.) Ann sat there quiet. Probably stunned at my power moves.

02:45 PM #
Almost polished off my first Mucho Marg before Ann talked again. Was kinda nice, like old times. But back then I wasn't allowed to have 2.

02:48 PM #
Was a few sips deep into my Mucho Marg numero dos. I asked Ann if she noticed how my beach bod was off the chain. She didn't say anything.

02:50 PM #
Played it cool. Said, "Will you check if my guy nips are chafed from my wet shirt? Do me a solid." I pulled up my shirt for the reveal.

02:54 PM #
Ann musta went wild with desires 'cause she stood up, slapped me as hard as she could and walked out. She must be frustrated carnally.

02:57 PM #
Jaw was kinda outta alignment from where Ann hit me. Was hard to enjoy my 'Bee's Double Whisky Sirloins & garlic mashed. Perty tasty though.

03:20 PM #
Kinda hard to shut my mouth all the way from where Ann hit me. Might be a soft supper kinda night. BL 'Nums, take me away.

03:22 PM #
If a babe gets so mad at you, she cranks you in the face, that's a guarantee she's up all night with the gal tingles for your bod, you guys.

07:26 PM #
Feel like I could drink a thousand beers right now, you guys.