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DadBoner - Sat May 19 2012

11:33 AM #
Feel like I drank a thousand beers last night, you guys.

11:50 AM #
Might just take it easy today. Big weekend comin' up. Gotta be rested. My jaw still kinda hurts anyway. Can't close it. Ruins my face looks.

12:24 PM #
Sure is a warm one. Wonder if Crazy Cooter has his above ground pool fixed? Could sure go for a dip. Maybe invite some babes?

12:29 PM #
Cooter says his pool just needs some cleanin'. If me & Dave wanna stop by with a dirty 30 to help, could be done in a half hour. It's on!

12:34 PM #
Even when you're a big piece of horrible garbage, if you have a pool, sign me up for the buddy system. That's summertime rules, you guys.