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DadBoner - Tue May 22 2012

11:53 AM #
Really lookin' forward to Memorial Day weekend, you guys.

12:12 PM #
When there's a big USA holiday comin' up, you gotta start plannin' early. Can't be one of those corncobs who just "relaxed" all weekend.

12:17 PM #
Saw High Life is doin' a special drive for the vets. If you send in caps, they give 'em money to buy cold ones. Gotta give back, you guys.

12:20 PM #
Wonder why Miller needs us to drink their cold ones so they can donate money to vetrens? Aren't they billionaires who can just fork it over?

12:22 PM #
If I ran Miller, I'd send the vetrens a thousand cases of High Life each for free. It's not like it's expensive. It's just "value" beer.

12:38 PM #
Probably alot of vetrens who can only afford High Life. Wonder if they have to drink it then send in caps to get donations? Seems backwards.

12:41 PM #
USA vetrens shouldn't have to pay for a cold one in this country ever. You risk your ass for America, suds should always be on the house.

01:20 PM #
Just heard Guy Fieri is drivin' the Indy 500 pace car! Man, just when you think this country's in trouble, we really turn it around.

01:36 PM #
Wonder what Guy Fieri is gonna eat in the pace car at Indy? A sammy? (Piled high of course) 'Chos? 'Za? Gotta be somethin' off the hook.

01:41 PM #
I wouldn't be surprised if Guy Fieri just decided to stay in the race at Indy. Bet he could at least finish in the top 10. He's so money.

02:27 PM #
Wish I could rock out in the pace car with Guy. Blarin' Kid Rock, peepin' bikini babes, wavin', drinkin' cold ones, doin' burnouts. Man.

02:36 PM #
Maybe me & Dave should road trip to Indy this weekend? Could be a blast. Guy's busy with the pace car, but'll probably boogie down after?