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DadBoner - Thu May 24 2012

11:43 AM #
REALLY lookin' forward to the weekend, you guys!!!

11:55 AM #
So pumped. Can't sit still at work. Just wanna party so hard for the troops, vetrens, America, Guy Fieri. Everyone, really.

11:58 AM #
Memorial day is important. It's not some blow it off, sit on your butt holiday like Thanksgiving. You gotta get out there and kick some ass.

12:04 PM #
The troops didn't give their lives for people to "take it easy" like a sack of trash. They did it for all to run free in Cold One City, USA.

12:26 PM #
Picked up this bad boy for Sunday. So badass, meaningful, AND shows respect. Cuttin' off the sleeves.

12:37 PM #
Got a butt ton of work done on my Guy Fieri fashion line last night. 2 shirts drawn! Really proud of 'em. Could be a runway sensation.

12:56 PM #
Can't believe we don't have half days today and tomorrow. When are we supposed to prepare? I got dips and crap to make. So disrespectful.

12:58 PM #
If I was in charge, we'd get a whole week off for Memorial Day. It'd be Memorial WEEK. Why? 'Cause people DIED for us, that's why.

01:02 PM #
Thanksgiving is Thursday-Sunday. FOUR days for something so long ago, no one is sure what really happened. Dead USA soldiers? 3. It's wrong.

01:12 PM #
Might get a petition goin' for us to have the day off tomorrow. Really get in everyone's face. Force 'em to sign. It's for freedom.

01:49 PM #
Gonna go around with my petition. Says, "Sign For Friday Freedom or Hit The Bricks To China." Really says it all.

01:55 PM #
This the USA, and if someone doesn't like how we do things around here, you MAKE 'em like it. That's what freedom is all about.