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DadBoner - Fri May 25 2012

10:28 AM #
No one wanted to sign my petition to have today off. Buncha dirty commies. So, here we are. AT WORK. Sick of this.

10:30 AM #
I was the only one to sign my petition. turned it in anyway. Nosey said, "this isn't a petition, it's a note from you to have the day off."

10:33 AM #
Was so steamed. Went home last night and drank a 12 pack of those High Lifes for the vetrens. Gotta due my part for the red white & blue.

10:37 AM #
Drinkin' High Lifes for the vetrens is the ultimate sacrifice. Really hurtin' today. Been blowin' up the john like WWII.

10:39 AM #
Nothin' is free in this world. You might save money on value beer like High Life. But the next day, you'll be payin' out the ass.

10:47 AM #
Goin' to take a snooze in the john. AND I'm bringin' Cheetos. Nothin' says freedom like sittin' on the toilet, eatin' Cheetos, you guys.

01:56 PM #
Headin' to Cold One City. Memorial Day Weekend, 2012, let's roll, you guys.