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DadBoner - Sat May 26 2012

11:54 AM #
Late start today. Was too pumped for Indy to sleep. Kept it rockin' in Cold One City. Before you do a job, you get the job done, you guys.

11:57 AM #
Packin' up the 'Bring for the road. 2 dirty 30s of Busch for sharin' & sprayin', BL 'Nums, BL Margs, Crown & Diet, plenty of ice,...

11:59 AM #
...chips 'n dip, Koegels, and my special Captain Karl's Bratato Salad. The works, really. Full spread.

12:01 PM #
Captain Karl's Bratato Salad starts with my own homemade 'Tato Salad. Plenty of mustard and hard cooked egg. It's so money.

12:08 PM #
But, Captain Karl's Bratato Salad goes bonkers when I add in sliced Cheddarwursts. The best of both worlds, colliding in a flavor explosion

12:11 PM #
Can't wait to get to Indy and set up shop. Bet the babes'll go nuts for my Bratato Salad. Might be a "show yer beefers for a bowl" situaish?

12:18 PM #
Don't have a hotel for the night, but Dave says he knows a spot. Gonna need to take it easy tonight. Makin' a Thermos of G&T roadies.

12:29 PM #
Made a MEAN Seger mix for the drive. When you're blarin' Seger and drinkin' G&Ts, man, the miles just fly by. Bob is my co-pilot, you guys.

12:37 PM #
Me and Dave are gonna grunt out premies and hit the road. Safety first. Gentlemen, start your engines! It's time, to get it on.