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DadBoner - Fri Jun 01 2012

01:31 AM #
Just woke up in the 'Bring. Fell asleep to the sweet sounds of my Mean Seger Mix. Man, there's just somethin' 'bout passin' out...

01:34 AM # an American made automobile, and wakin' up covered in the sweet dew of your own breath, your back achin' for forgiveness,...

01:40 AM #
...and hearin' the sounds of a summer rain pourin' like tears of freedom on your soft top, to make you thank the big man...

01:42 AM #
...for a warm bed to climb into in the USA. Can't appreciate the darkness without the sunshine, you guys.

01:44 AM #
Gonna take a late night BM and hit the sack.

01:57 AM #
Or is it, "Can't appreciate the sunshine without the darkness?" Now I'm wide awake. Gonna make some Triscuits & mayo. Always hits the spot.

11:32 AM #
"Friday, feel the noize! Babes, rock yer boys! We'll get wild, wild, wild! Wild, wild, wild!" Happy Friday to ya, you guys.

11:38 AM #
That's a tribute to my main man, Kevin DuBrow. He's dead now, but will always be one of the best, rockin forever. We should all be so lucky.

11:54 AM #
Feelin' pretty good today for sleepin' most of the night in my car. Might have to do that more often. Real peaceful. It's like auto camping.

02:07 PM #
Just had a stink & think. If Dave's gonna hold on to his bullcrap "broken arm" story, we gotta make a cast. Cast = motherly babes.

02:12 PM #
After Dave draws 'em in for the sympathy, the babes'll say, "Who's your friend?" And that friend, is me, Captain Clean-up, Karl Welzein.

02:16 PM #
Gals might give out the huggins to an injured man, but when it's last call, they're lookin' for a macho bad boy for all night long lovins.

02:32 PM #
When some load can't fulfill a babe's needs due to an injury or his appearance, a real bad boy steps in to satisfy those carnal desires.

02:57 PM #
Gettin' outta here. Gotta make Dave look crippled. Then, take me down to Cold One City, where the 'Nums are smooth and the babe's are money.