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DadBoner - Sat Jun 02 2012

11:42 AM #
Really hurtin'. Got a case of Miller Lite (on sale) last night. Cans are made for shotgunnin'! You get to the best part fast; the bottom.

11:48 AM #
Miller Lite says their new can is for smoothness. They can't say "shotgunnin'?" C'mon, we're all adults here. I call 'em Miller 12 Gauges.

11:50 AM #
When a brand of cold ones comes out with somethin that makes you drink 'em double fast, it's 'cause they don't want you to notice it's crap.

11:56 AM #
I'll pick up some Miler Lite if it's on sale. But if you order a Miller Lite at a bar, and you're a guy, you better have a 3 ft peener.

11:59 AM #
Miller Lite is only ok for real men to drink in the privacy of their own home, and as fast as possible, you guys.

12:12 PM #
Musta crushed about 18 Miller 12 Gauges last night. Can't get 'em in fast enough to get the job done. Bet Stone Cold could drink a thousand.

12:18 PM #
Was so busy rippin' 12 Gauges, hardly had time to make Dave's cripple cast. Used paper towels and Crest. Kind of a mess, but looks badass.

12:31 PM #
Dave's cast wouldn't dry fast enough so we couldn't cruise for Florence Nightinbabes. Headin' out tonight though, for sympathetic passions.

12:35 PM #
Goin' for another case of Miller 12 Gauges (for AT HOME). If I start shotgunnin em now, I should be loose and conversational in about 4 hrs.

12:44 PM #
Miller Lite 12 Gauges: "Just shotgun our girl beer in ya as fast as possible so you can drink more than the dozen it takes to feel boozed."

04:57 PM #
Dave thinks his Crest & paper towel arm cast smells too minty. Idiot. Smellin like 'paste shows a babe you're fresh, and ready for a 1 on 1.

05:06 PM #
Really tearin' through these Miller Lite 12 Gauges. Crankin' some Seger. Gettin' pumped for some night moves! Heavy 'logne, to-night.

05:10 PM #
If you don't like shotgunnin' cold ones and blastin' some Bob Seger in the early Saturday evenin', you probably like some stupid crap.

05:13 PM #
If you're listenin' to Bob Seger in the USA, it don't matter where you're from. America is my hometown, you guys.

06:48 PM #
Feel like I could drink a thousand beers right now, you guys.