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DadBoner - Wed Jun 06 2012

11:41 AM #
Checked my e-mail on the computer for my Craigslist Summer Romance ad. Not very good at email yet. Gotta keep practicin'. It's important.

11:44 AM #
Bein' good at the computer is important nowadays. For your job, erotic meet ups, entertainment, research, news, everything really.

11:47 AM #
Ann always said I stunk it up on the computer. Made us share an AOL account. Think she just wanted to be in my business. It was bullcrap.

11:49 AM #
If you're in a relationship, and share an e-mail account, you can pretty much kiss your computer fantasies goodbye, you guys.

11:53 AM #
Once, Ken sent me a guy humor joke on the computer bout a babe with a peener. Ann saw it. Wouldn't talk to me for 3 days. Said I was "sick."

11:56 AM #
Babes don't understand that guys need their own private computer use. It can be a carnal outlet that keeps relationships strong.

11:59 AM #
The computer is also a place where 2 men can have a secret guy to guy behind the scenes. Sometimes you have to keep it hush hush. Guys only.

12:03 PM #
Since Ann's been out of the picture, I've been gettin' great at all kinds of computer crap. I can use sites with mad swag. Even buy stuff.

12:14 PM #
Got a lotta weird responses to my Craigslist ad. Hard to sift through 'em. Some are dudes. Thought I said M for W? Even double checked.

12:18 PM #
When lookin' for romance, you gotta be careful you don't get into a guy on guy carnal situaish unless it's your thing. I dig babes.

12:22 PM #
Dave's steamed that I'm tryin' to get a summer 1 on 1 babe. Said, "I thought we were gonna cruise Top Gun style!" Goose dies, Dave. Idiot.

04:31 PM #
Dave won't shut his mouth about bein' left out of the summer romance computer babe hunt. Says he wants me to make him an ad. Sick of this.

04:34 PM #
Dave's in terrible shape, poor, and an idiot. Told him no babes would be interested, computer dating is competitive. Now he's all steamed.

06:13 PM #
Dave said I won't make him a Craigslist romance ad cause I'm threatened. I just don't want him disappointin babes. Gotta respect the ladies.