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DadBoner - Thu Jun 07 2012

11:04 AM #
Really lookin' forward to the weekend, you guys.

11:33 AM #
When I left the pad this mornin, Dave was just layin' on the couch with a blank stare. Might be sad I called him a fat, poor, no babe idiot.

11:36 AM #
Told Dave he needs to exercise. Do some 'shups. Never understood why guys aren't in shape. Everyone has the ground. Only gym you need.

11:39 AM #
There's always ads on for these fancy new workouts. Makes me real steamed. Just do some 'shups, Jane Fonda. Be a man.

11:46 AM #
I do 'shups all the time. That's why my arms are beefy and attractive. And when they glisten with sweat? Man, they're so money.

11:50 AM #
My workout routine: 1. Look at a pic of Stone Cold Steve Austin. 2. Do 'shups 'til you look like the Rattlesnake. 3. Cut off your sleeves.

11:52 AM #
4. Somebody gimme an AWE HELL YEAH! Done.

12:01 PM #
If Stone Cold got in lazy guys' faces every mornin', spit beer in their face and called 'em a piece of trash, America would be unstoppable.

12:09 PM #
The USA wouldn't have as many problems if we operated according to Austin 3:16, you guys.

12:13 PM #
And that's the bottom line, 'cause Stone Cold Karl Welzein said so.