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DadBoner - Mon Jun 11 2012

12:41 PM #
Spent all mornin' puttin' up Dave's Craigslist ad for him. Hope this shuts him up. Turned out pretty rockin'.

01:41 PM #
Told Dave his ad for romance is up but not to expect anything. He's super pumped. Says we should have a celebraish, his treat. I'm down.

01:47 PM #
Dave says he's makin' his famous, "Sloppy Dave's" for supper. Wonder where they're famous? He's never made anything but MY Pizza Rolls.

02:45 PM #
Gonna be nice to come home to a meal. Miss it sometimes. Always felt loved for a few minutes before my fam started makin' fun of me.

02:47 PM #
Don't think I remember a family meal where my daughters or Ann didn't make fun of my weight or BM breaks or clothes. Always hurt.

02:49 PM #
After a hard day, I don't need to come home to a fam that treats me like a punchin' bag of crap. So now I don't, and I'm cooler than ever.

02:50 PM #
Gettin' outta here. Maybe give Dave a hand in the kitchen over a few cold ones, guy to guy.