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DadBoner - Tue Jun 12 2012

12:09 PM #
Had a rockin celebraish with Dave last night. BL 'Nums were goin down so smooth. Chips n Dip. Sloppy Dave's. The works, really. Full spread.

12:19 PM #
Sloppy Dave's are pretty much just Joe's with a bunch of Frank's in the mix, and cool blue cheese for dippin'. Actually almost money?

12:22 PM #
If he let me add in my own secret herbs & spices, Sloppy Dave's could be on the Captain Karl's Pizza Ship menu. Cheetos optional of course.

12:26 PM #
Feel like me and Dave had a real guy to guy connection last night. Really opened things wide open. Friendship is important, you guys.

12:45 PM #
Feel like Dave really showed me somethin' with his Sloppy Dave's recipe. Like he could evolve and actually learn. Never thought of that?

12:47 PM #
'Course Dave threw up in the sink after a about dozen BL 'Nums. Still some problems with his wiring. Kinda comfortin'.

12:50 PM #
All men are equal when they're pukin' up ground beef & booze in the sink on a Monday night, you guys.