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DadBoner - Thu Jun 14 2012

11:24 AM #
Really lookin' forward to the weekend, you guys.

12:58 PM #
Wonder what goodies Ann & the kids got from my wish list? Added a new item. So money.

01:03 PM #
Man, people at work would flip if I showed up with the Xplod boombox. Rockin' out, Vernon doin' breakdance moves. DJ K-Money in the house!

01:06 PM #
"Comin atcha live on your Thursday with the Captain, rockin' out with another 5 in a row. Here's Van Halen, on WLZN." Could give away tee's?

01:14 PM #
Gonna ask Nosey Lady if I can DJ at work. Maybe just Thurs-Fri? Really take us into the weekend. People work better when they're jammin'.

01:25 PM #
Nosey Lady said that music could be "invasive." So stupid. Who's not gonna be able to focus when I'm meltin' their face with Stranglehold?!

01:34 PM #
Told Nosey Lady, "But NO ONE does ANYTHING on Thursday or Friday. With me playin' the hot jams, people might not wanna die bein' here."

01:35 PM #
Only people who don't wanna rock out and drink cold ones at work are the people in charge. Shows you don't have to be smart to get ahead.

01:38 PM #
All the guys on that advertising show drink booze all day, and they were rich. Sometimes it feels like the country moves backwards.

01:42 PM #
Only saw that Mad Man show once or twice. Just for the red haired babe's chest beefers. Should just be on the whole time. Could be a hit.

01:51 PM #
Ann liked Mad Man. Don't get it 'cept for the beefers. The guy gets babes, boozes at work, and's still steamed? Makes no sense. Bad writing.

01:54 PM #
Gonna buy that Xplod boombox if Ann already loaded up on my goodies. Screw Nosey Lady. Bringin' it to work anyway. Maybe just for the john?

01:57 PM #
Really hopin' for that chainsaw. When you're a goin' through a messy breakup, givin' someone a farewell chainsaw shows trust, you guys.