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DadBoner - Sun Jun 17 2012

12:26 PM #
Still no word from Ann. Wonder what the plan is?

12:32 PM #
Happy Dad's Day, you guys. Gotta raise a cold one to let the world know we've had carnal passions, all the way. (wink)

12:44 PM #
Hope Ann got my wish list. Kinda worried. Gotta check and make sure it sent. Coulda went in her trash mail? Gonna send it again.

01:01 PM #
Maybe Ann's phone isn't workin'? Might just cruise over. Told Dave he could come with. Really shove my gifts and glory in his face.

01:18 PM #
Last year, I forgot that Ann told me earlier in the week to come over. Wonder if that happened again? I need to write things down.

01:19 PM #
It was a disaster. Road Dave's 10-Speed to Ann's. Chafed my crotch raw from my sweaty jean shorts. Wiped out bad. Never forget.

01:21 PM #
Screw it. Goin' to Ann's with Dave. Bringin' a couple dirty 30s and some Cheddarwursts just in case. Sick of waitin'. This is MY day.