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DadBoner - Tue Jun 19 2012

11:43 AM #
Rapped with Dave last night 'bout what happened when I "took a snooze" after my dad to dad Jim Beam pound session convo with Crazy Cooter.

11:45 AM #
Dave said he got starvin' and ate all the Lunchables we tried to grill. Got a "bad bite" and had to grunt, pronto. Barely made it.

11:49 AM #
Dave said he came outta the john in the nude 'cause he has clog situaish. Toilet overflow caught his sweats. Was gonna borrow some from Ann.

11:53 AM #
Cooter was in Ann's room, diggin' through her undie drawer. Said, "Get the f@ck out Dave. I'm seein' if Karl's ol' slizz gots a vibe."

11:57 AM #
Dave asked Cooter why? Cooter said, "What, you a f@g? If I find her vibe, you don't wanna smell that sh*t?" Kinda concerning.

12:00 PM #
Dave said Cooter got all steamed he could't find her "vibe" and grabbed up all Ann's unders to "grill 'em up for wastin' his time."

12:02 PM #
Dave said he didn't want any part of Ann's unders bein' grilled so he just crawled in her bed to wait it out. Passed out.

12:05 PM #
Think Crazy Cooter might be a bad dude. Or maybe just needs some help, like a solid guy to guy? Had a good convo before he went maniac.

12:08 PM #
Still haven't talked to Ann about my DELAYED gifts. Holdin' off. Not sure how much damage was caused to her place. Hopin' it'll blow over.