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DadBoner - Wed Jun 20 2012

12:12 PM #
Ann left 3 messages this mornin'. Not sure if she's steamed about the house or apologizin' for no gifts. Probably the gifts. Gonna ice her.

12:14 PM #
If someone wants to apologize, you gotta make 'em work for it. Let 'em think they're dead to you first. Power move.

12:23 PM #
Orderin the boombox AND the chainsaw. Shippin to Ann's. Gonna pick em up and say, "Oh, MY gifts arrived? How thoughtful." Shut her down.

12:26 PM #
Found the Cheddarwursts from Sunday under my car seat. Hell yeah! Forgot about 'em. They're smoked and sealed, so they're still good.

12:28 PM #
Only took down 6 Mango Habs for lunch (beach bod). These Cheddarwursts are the perfect protein boost to get through my afternoon.

12:33 PM #
Food scientists say not to eat certain stuff that stayed out at room temp for too long. Car temp's different. Hot in the day, cool at night.