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DadBoner - Thu Jun 21 2012

11:37 AM #
Really lookin' forward to the weekend, you guys.

12:50 PM #
Ate 3 of those Cheddarwursts yesterday that sat under my car seat for a few days. No problems. Think maybe "expiration dates" are a scam?

12:52 PM #
When you really think about it, if food companies make you think you have to throw out food, you have to buy more. Makes sense in money.

12:54 PM #
Don't usually have food go to waste. Clean plate club. But sometimes I forget somethin' in the back of the fridge for too long. No more.

12:56 PM #
Got 3 more Cheddarwursts left. Perfect for snackin' in the john. Nothin' like toilet snackin' on a hot 'n gloomy day.

01:02 PM #
If it looks like food, eat it! Think that fatso on the Travel show says that. Not a good gauge for grub though. He ate a dog butthole once.

01:05 PM #
Don't get why someone'd fly across the world to eat crap like horse peener soup out of a dirt bowl. Eatin's just fine here in the USA.

01:08 PM #
Saw one show where the fatso ate fruit that smelled like a dirty baby diaper. Some folks don't understand how to use the words, "no thanks."

01:11 PM #
Dave thinks the Travel show fatso gets his guy jollies eatin' rotten trash in front of people. Makes sense. No other good reason he'd do it.

01:30 PM #
No need to fly across the world for diarrhea. For me, "There's No Place Like The Neighborhood." Least 'Bee's has great taste and good value.

01:32 PM #
Ann keeps callin'. Lots of "Please, I need to speak with you." Ignore. You had your chance on Dad's Day. See how YOU like it!

02:04 PM #
"Gives ya diarrhea," don't mean it's "bad." A nice salad OR The Bell both'll make you blow it up. Can't live in fear & on white bread alone.

02:06 PM #
DAMNIT! Stupid Ann keeps callin'. Turnin' my phone off. Sick of this. Goin' in the john for another sausage on the pot in peace.