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DadBoner - Fri Jun 22 2012

12:03 PM #
"But I'm not gone let 'em catch me, no. Not gone let 'em catch the Friday Rider." Happy Friday to ya, you guys.

12:07 PM #
Ann kept callin' last night. Asked Dave to do me a hot solid. Had him answer the phone and tell her "I was away on business."

12:10 PM #
Ann asked why I left my cell phone if I was away on business. Dave said, "Dunno, think it's pretty hush hush." Sounded pretty cool?

12:12 PM #
Then I heard Dave say, "Yeah, he's never gone away on business before. No, I wouldn't believe it either. Yeah, he lies sometimes." Idiot.

12:14 PM #
Guess Ann asked about "damage to the house." Dave said, "Wasn't us, 'cause everything looked A-OK when we were there." Wanted to choke him.

12:18 PM #
Started makin' "cut your throat" signs at Dave. He just brushed me off and went in his room. Talked to Ann for 20 minutes! So steamed.

12:23 PM #
When Dave came out of his room, I asked him what they talked about. Said, "Adult stuff. Life and love. Ann's pretty cool. She gets me."

12:27 PM #
Dave said, "Don't worry, I told Ann that we didn't do no damage to the house, especially not to the john." Wanted to crush his face.

12:30 PM #
Dave told Ann, "I think it might have been this guy named Crazy Cooter." He gave her his address and phone number. Kinda concerning.

12:34 PM #
Told Dave, if Cooter finds out you ratted him out, he'll set us on fire or some crap, you idiot! He said, "Don't worry, she won't tell."

12:36 PM #
Of course Ann'll tell! That's what she does! She tells and does whatever isn't cool! Ann isn't cool! She doesn't get the bad boy lifestyle!

12:38 PM #
Locked the door and turned off my phone. Drank like a thousand beers. Thought Cooter'd be by with an axe all night. Didn't sleep.

12:40 PM #
Told Dave if he wasn't dead after work today, we gotta get outta town. He said, "the beach?" Actually not a bad idea. Show off my bod.

12:54 PM #
Told Dave we should camp. Stay off the grid. Hook up with some campfire babes in the sweet Michigan moonlight. He said he's down. It's on.

01:17 PM #
Told Ken, might not see you for awhile. Spotted some heat around the corner. Gettin' outta town. Gave him a hug, guy to guy.

01:19 PM #
Ken musta forget to put on 'rant today cause he pulled outta my guy to guy embrace real quick. Understandable. Everyone wants to be fresh.

01:21 PM #
Ken didn't seem too concerned with my "possibly gettin' set on fire or murdered" situaish. He doesn't get the code of the streets.

01:27 PM #
If a psychopath wants to kill you, just go to the beach with mad swag and check out some fannies. Gotta put life into perspective, you guys.