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DadBoner - Wed Jun 27 2012

12:04 PM #
Really hurtin'. Stayed up late with Dave. Took out a bottle of Crown talkin' 'bout the divorce. Think it might be a bluff. I'm the man?!

12:18 PM #
Took down 6 Mango Habs and the Hot Dog Slammers at BW3s. Gotta take care of myself. This isn't MY problem. It's Ann's. Good luck out there.

12:24 PM #
No way Ann's gonna go through with this. She's probably shakin' in her clogs right now, wonderin' what my power move is gonna be.

01:01 PM #
Should just sign these divorce papers with "Psych!" Shove 'em in Ann's face. Let her know I'm on to her little game.

01:11 PM #
Might have to get a briefcase to carry the divorce papers in. Looks all business. So badass. Like Vince McMahon probably has. YOU'RE FIRED!

01:15 PM #
Ann wants to "divorce" me? What I should do is get up in her face like Vince and say, "YOU divorcin ME? I don't think so. YOU'RE FIRED!" Ha!