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DadBoner - Sat Jun 30 2012

11:53 AM #
Takin it easy today. Me & Dave are gonna post up in front of the pad with the chainsaw, boombox, cold ones, and some fireworks. Just relax.

11:55 AM #
Got a buttload of 'works when we went to Indy. Don't even know what some of 'em do. Savin' the big ones for the 4th though, outta respect.

11:57 AM #
The 4th this year is really playin' head games with me. Never thought I'd be lookin' forward to a Wednesday on Saturday. Pretty confusing.

12:00 PM #
Didn't invite anyone over, but when you're sittin' in lawn chairs with a boombox, 'works, a chainsaw, and a cooler, somebody's stoppin' by.

12:11 PM #
Got a bunch of firewood to cut up with the chainsaw. Gonna lug the grill down and fill it up for slow smoked, hardwood bold flavors.

12:21 PM #
Blarin' Bob Seger, bold flavors, poundin' cold ones out of a red Playmate, and rippin' holy hell with a chainsaw. That's America, you guys.