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DadBoner - Tue Jul 03 2012

11:29 AM #
Well, so here we are. At WORK. Yep, just really workin' away on some REALLY important stuff. WANNA CHOKE SOMEBODY I'M SO STEAMED, YOU GUYS!

11:34 AM #
Picked up this tee for work today. Shows respect, yet lightens the mood with some laughs. Sleeves cut off of course:

11:45 AM #
Brought the boombox to work. Nosey Lady says I can play it at a "reasonable volume." That means "make sure everyone can enjoy the music."

12:01 PM #
It's 3:01 here on your Tuesday. You're with the Captain on WLZN. July 4th, we're comin', you guys:

12:07 PM #
That was my man, Bob Ritchie, with Born Free. So rockin'. Here's another one to get you closer to the celebraish. WLZN.

12:13 PM #
You're back with the Captain. Hopin' you're dealin' with the corncobs keepin' you at work who don't get America. WLZN.

12:23 PM #
WLZN keeps it rollin' all afternoon with one from the Boss. You're headin' to Cold One City, USA, with the Captain.

12:39 PM #
Here's a little bit of freedom with Uncle Ted, on WLZN.

12:43 PM #
Nosey Lady turn down my boombox and stop "yelling" in between songs. I'm bringin' pride to everyone with the Captain! Piece of trash.

12:45 PM #
Takin' my boombox in the john. Crankin' it up. Can't say turn it down in there. What noises happen in the john, stay in the john, you guys.

12:56 PM #
LIVE from the Captain's Quarters, you're with the Captain. Here's one from Diamond Dave & the boys on WLZN:

01:04 PM #
It's 4:06 and 89 degrees here in Grand Blanc. The seas look a little rough out there, but don't worry, the Captain's in control.

01:05 PM #
Time for a little feel good music. Here's Alan Jackson, with Chattahoochie, on WLZN:

01:18 PM #
This one's goin' out to all the babes, all over the world. It's the Crue, on WLZN.

01:21 PM #
Man, sittin' in the john, DJin', would be a great job. Really rockin'. Gonna go get some trunk liquor to be loose and conversational.

01:41 PM #
This one's goin' out to my main man Vernon, stay strong, soul brother. WLZN.

01:48 PM #
Vernon asked, "Yo Karl, why you playin' the radio in the bathroom?" Ha! Could tell he was groovin'! Kinda buzzed.

01:49 PM #
4:48 on your Tuesday, here with the Captain. Almost time to hit the bricks! WLZN.

01:58 PM #
This is your Captain, signin' off. Thanks for listenin'. 4th of July mid-weekend, let's roll, you guys.