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DadBoner - Mon Jul 09 2012

12:01 PM #
Really hurtin. Drank a dozen BL Limes in about 3 hrs last night. Musta been dehydrated. Went down so smooth. Perfect for thinkin 'bout crap.

12:14 PM #
BL Limes are a good thinkin' beer. Keeps the mind sharp with bold flavors. BL 'Nums are more for forgettin' motor skills and words.

01:03 PM #
Got my DJ business ad on Craigslist all finished. Worked really hard on it. Turned out SO badass!

01:26 PM #
Bein a DJ is one of the best jobs they make. You just rock the jams, get drunk, then all the babes have a shirt takin off contest. So money.

01:37 PM #
Goin' for a Rolo McFlurry. Makin' it "supreme" (wink). Really deserve it. Feelin' SO good right now. Nothin' like Rolos & booze, you guys.