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DadBoner - Tue Jul 10 2012

12:12 PM #
Just passed out flyers for my Bad Boy City Entertainment DJ service at work. Got some looks, like, "Whoa. You're a REAL DJ? So cool."

01:22 PM #
Why don't more people don't have their own business? Just lazy?. All it takes is a few flyers, a Craigslist ad, and boom, YOU'RE the boss.

02:07 PM #
Someone wrote "Pig Butt City Entertainment" over "Bad Boy City Entertainment" on the DJ flyer I put in in the kitchen! So steamed.

02:10 PM #
"Pig Butt City Entertainment" sounds like overweight joke strippers for bachelor parties. And no one wants that. 'Cept maybe Dave.

02:23 PM #
When people graffiti an advertisement, they're usually just jealous of your success. Can't let it get to me. Just shows I'm on point.

02:24 PM #
Some people do graffiti in big cities and call it "art." So stupid. It's not "art" unless someone pays money for it, you guys.

02:26 PM #
I drew a peener on a Woman's Day mag in a dentist's office once. It wasn't for art or jealousy though. Just some guy humor.