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DadBoner - Mon Jul 16 2012

11:37 AM #
So hot out. AC can't keep up at the pad. Crankin' at work though. Almost glad to be here? "Call me the workin' man!" Ha! I get the job done.

11:38 AM #
Brought some Cheddarwurst lefties to snack on at work. Nice to ease into Monday with some bold weekend flavors. Smooth transition.

11:45 AM #
Just swiped a GQ off Ken's desk. Has that Kate Upton babe on the cover. Whoa. I just...I mean, C'MON!

11:58 AM #
Jeez. That Kate Upton is really somethin' else, you guys.

12:09 PM #
There's no way that Kate Upton isn't the #1 Babe in the USA right now. No way. Man, that is my kinda gal.

12:13 PM #
Kate Upton is the kinda babe that gets the "Captain Karl Carnal Trifecta": 1. Slow down. 2. Honk. 3. Ease down the shades.

12:18 PM #
Eatin' brats at work, peepin' Kate Upton's smokin' chest beefers, soakin' up the cool A/C. Easy there, Monday. I got this one in the bag.

01:04 PM #
Heard Justin Verlander is havin' carnal passions with Kate Upton. So badass. That's just how we do things here in Michigan, you guys.

01:10 PM #
Verlander is so on point. Pre-game Taco Bell? (NOT the Craptina Bowl) All access to Kate Upton's chest beefers? Ace for the Tigs? Man.

01:19 PM #
Ken just asked if I had his GQ. I said, "Why would I have it?" Ken said "Because it's gone and you're Karl." What's that supposed to mean!?

01:24 PM #
Ken's not gettin' that GQ back, EVER. Already customized it. Took all the non-Kate Upton pages out for easy browsing on the go.

01:37 PM #
GQ shoulda made an all Kate Upton issue in the first place. Who cares what sandals go best with a bow tie or whatever. Show me the beefers!

01:39 PM #
Saved all the 'logne samples from the GQ though. When it comes to smellin' goods, waste not, want not, you guys.