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DadBoner - Tue Jul 17 2012

12:13 PM #
Ann called AGAIN about where the divorce papers are. Said she'd get em by Friday. Settin deadlines shows you're busy, but mean business.

12:45 PM #
Guess Ken found all the non-Kate Upton pages I tore out of his GQ in the john. Real steamed. What is Ken doin' diggin' in the trash?

12:49 PM #
Nosey Lady says we're havin' a meeting about respectin' others' property. No one cared when my Bad Boy City Entertainment flyer got defaced!

01:21 PM #
Got that meeting in 45 minutes. Makin' some notes. Gotta get my briefcase outta the 'Bring. Power walk in like Vince McMahon. "NO CHANCE!"