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DadBoner - Sat Jul 21 2012

12:25 PM #
Really hurtin'. Feel like I drank a thousand beers last night, you guys.

01:18 PM #
Mighta made a mistake goin' all the way with carnal passions on Ken's Oo La La wife. Feel kinda used. I'm prime rib. Feel like burger meat.

01:27 PM #
I'm pretty much the #1 bad boy partier in the Flint area, and babes crave my bod 24/7, but Ken's wife crossed the line. She's in the wrong.

01:39 PM #
Wonder if Ken and his wife are into some weird adults only lifestyle? We made it all natural. Kinda concerning. Don't want peener sores.

01:53 PM #
When you're one on one with a babe, and the heat is set to a thousand degrees, it's still important to man bag your peener, you guys.

01:58 PM #
Didn't tell anyone 'bout my rendezvous with Ken's wife. Just hope it goes away with the help of BL 'Nums and some DDD. Like a warm blanket.

02:00 PM #
BL 'Nums were pretty much built for times like when you accidentally got carnally taken advantage of, all the way, with a co-worker's wife.