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DadBoner - Mon Jul 23 2012

12:31 PM #
Really hurtin'. Gonna go take a snooze on the toilet forever.

05:39 PM #
Woke up on the toilet at work around quittin' time. Heard Ken in the other stall arguin' with his wife on the phone. Kinda concerning.

05:43 PM #
Fired off a double flush like I just finished up a long moan & groaner and got the rock outta there. Real covert ops, in the john style.

05:47 PM #
Don't think Ken knows 'bout my rendezvous with his Oo La La wife. He probably woulda said somethin'? Unless he's gonna jump me.

05:54 PM #
Still kinda banged up from Chili's with Dave. Top Shelf Margs were goin' down so smooth. Musta had 7 before I lost count.

05:57 PM #
Never understood why people count how many drinks they have. A real man drinks by body feel. More natural. Boozin' ain't math, you guys.

06:13 PM #
Sometimes, stuff that makes you feel like you're livin life to the fullest (Chili's), also makes you feel like you're dying the next day.