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DadBoner - Wed Jul 25 2012

10:31 AM #
Ken was in the john stall AGAIN today. Really crampin' my style. The Fonz didn't share his office with somebody else. Had to reach out.

10:34 AM #
Passed Ken a note on some TP. Said, "Guy to Guy. Chili's. 7pm, kimosabe." Didn't say nothin' back, but I think "kimosabe" showed importance.

10:37 AM #
Don't think I should say anything 'bout havin' carnal passions with Ken's wife, but when a pal's in trouble, you gotta show you care.

10:39 AM #
Don't want Ken to kill himself or nothin'. Way things are around here, we probably wouldn't even get a day off. It'd be a waste of a life.