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DadBoner - Sat Jul 28 2012

10:31 AM #
Woke up on the sidewalk outside of the pad this mornin'. Pretty cool?

10:48 AM #
Wonder what happened to Ken last night? Don't remember much after we ran into Crazy Cooter in the 'Bee's parkin' lot. Went kinda bonkers.

10:52 AM #
The best thing about not rememberin' the night before, is that it's a memory you can't forget, you guys.

10:57 AM #
Feel like I don't know things today. How to do talking, words, etc. Cracked a cold one. Gotta get the think brain makin'.

11:03 AM #
Ever feel like you could just float away? Just, "Bye! Gonna go take a crap on the sky, you guys." Jeez.

11:16 AM #
Gonna take a few cold ones and lay down on the front lawn. Feels right. Just stay there until forever never comes.