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DadBoner - Mon Jul 30 2012

12:02 PM #
Just got the 411 from Ken 'bout what happened Friday. Sounds like we rocked it!

12:05 PM #
Ken said, "Karl, you refused to take me home until I drank some of the hot liquor you had in your trunk, after I coughed it up, you drank...

12:09 PM #
...the rest of the bottle, and kept sayin' stuff like 'so smooth' about 20 times and callin' me 'Kimosabe Kenno.'" Sounds pretty cool?

12:13 PM #
Ken told me, "You wouldn't turn down the radio and drove all the way to Applebee's at 15 mph 'cause, 'Safety 1st on the S.S. Celebraish."

12:19 PM #
"When we got to Applebee's, you did about 6 laps around the parking lot, openly drinkin a warm beer, and singin along to Hollywood Nights...

12:21 PM # the top of your lungs with the top down on your car. I BEGGED you to take me home, but you just said...

12:25 PM #
...'Shut up and peep the babes, Kimosabe Kenno.' Then a maniac dove on top of your car and screamed, 'Let's get some cooze motherf@cker!'

12:28 PM #
I thought you were going to get murdered when you got out of the car, but apparently you knew that 'Cooter' guy. You drank MORE...

12:30 PM # liquor out of your trunk, parked terribly. Then, just wandered off! I had to walk home! My wife is already upset with me...

12:31 PM #
...and I showed up really late, soaked in sweat, smellin' like booze, and missing my keys! THAT'S WHAT HAPPENED ON FRIDAY!...

12:34 PM #
...SO BACK OFF KARL!" Man. Sounds like a blast! Ken needs to learn a thing or 2 'bout the Bold Bad Boy Lifestyle. He'll get there.