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DadBoner - Tue Jul 31 2012

12:53 PM #
Whoa. Just found out Ken got in a car accident last night. Guess he's ok, just a broken arm. But'll takin' some time off. Pretty cool?

12:57 PM #
Might have to stop by Ken's after work. Sign his cast. Wanna be the first one, get the primo real estate. Gotta work on what I'm gonna put.

01:04 PM #
Ken's been stressed out lately. Probably shouldn't have been behind the wheel. It's dangerous. Why I don't mind relaxin' with a cold one.

01:10 PM #
Who do you want on the roads; an angry maniac? Or a guy who's rockin' out, enjoyin' an ice cold Busch responsibly, lookin' out for others?

01:13 PM #
Drinkin' THEN drivin' is wrong. But on a short 15 min. trip, if you START drinkin' in the car, you'll be fine by your destination, you guys.

01:30 PM #
Heard drinkin' at work is still cool in Europe. Must be less stressful when you don't have to sneak it in the john or at lunch.

01:34 PM #
Imagine how much less people'd hate their jobs if everyone knew that at 3pm, you got to have a "2 Cold One Break?" The USA'd be unstoppable.

01:42 PM #
Nobody wants to work with a corncob who pounds a 3pm energy drink then "tries" like they "care." Gimme someone relaxin after a couple brews.