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DadBoner - Wed Aug 01 2012

12:23 PM #
Stopped by Ken's after work yesterday. Looks real bad. Broken arm, 2 black eyes. Like Dalton from Roadhouse had his way with him.

12:26 PM #
So I told Ken, "Man, you look like you got hit by a car made outta Dalton from Roadhouse." He said. "Get out, Karl." Musta never seen it?

12:30 PM #
Told Ken I just wanted to sign his cast, guy to guy. Just turned his head and moaned. Some people in seething pain don't like attention.

12:34 PM #
Drew a big rack of chest beefers on Ken's cast and wrote, "Donations Accepted." So money. Nothin' sweeter than sympathy beefers, you guys.

12:43 PM #
Ken just stood up and went to the john. Waited for about an hour. Didn't come out. Made a grilled cheese. My Captain Karl's GC is on point.

12:46 PM #
When you catch the aroma of my Captain Karl's Cheese Grillins, most folks come flyin' outta the john for a taste while it's hot 'n fresh.

12:49 PM #
Wonder where Ken's Oo La La wife was? Probably can't stand to see her man destroyed. Understandable. Kinda glad too, due to our rendezvous.

12:53 PM #
If you had carnal passions with a pal's wife, best to keep a distance if he gets crippled. That's when they crave seconds on 100% all beef.

12:58 PM #
Might have to stop back by Ken's again with my copy of Roadhouse. Kinda concerned that he's never seen it. Could hardly sleep.

01:13 PM #
If you've never seen Roadhouse, pretty sure your peener and veggies could just fall off at any second. That's an almost fact, you guys.

01:17 PM #
Shovin' a gun in someone's face to make 'em watch Roadhouse is probably legal if it's not loaded. Unloaded = concerned. Loaded = maniac.

01:41 PM #
They should remake Roadhouse with Guy Fieri as "Guy Cooler." Could be a smash hit? "Pain don't hurt, it's off the chain."

01:45 PM #
Goin' in the john to start on a script for the Guy Fieri, "Roadhouse" remake. Always wanted to be a Hollywood big shot. And I know action.

08:43 PM #
Whoa. The olympics started?! When'd that happen? They should do better publicity. Maybe put it on beer cans for people who have a life.

08:51 PM #
Feel bad I haven't been supportin' the games. Gotta get involved. 'Course, I like to think I'm on Team USA, 24/7, 365. Open on Sundays.