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DadBoner - Thu Aug 02 2012

11:10 AM #
Really lookin' forward to the weekend, you guys.

12:34 PM #
Can't believe we have to work today while Team USA is out there, bustin' their butts for America. The olympics are only on every few years!

12:38 PM #
Who knows what event could be on right now? Could be a big one, like babes' beach volleyball. Rockin' their cabooses for freedom. Man.

12:49 PM #
Sure, no one cares about stuff like "swimming." But if lying for a few days makes the Subway guy think he didn't waste his life, it's cool.

01:36 PM #
Shouldn't be allowed to watch the olympics during the day if you don't have a job. Just stick to Cops for a more realistic inspiration.

01:52 PM #
Probably a buncha unemployed idiots headin down to the Y right now, thinkin they'll train for the gold. In what? The Burger King freestyle?

01:55 PM #
I'm realistic. I couldn't cut it in the games right now. Maybe if I stuck with the shot put since highschool, but I had a family to raise.

02:00 PM #
Gonna go work on my Guy Fieri "Roadhouse" script in the john. When it comes to dreams, ya gotta keep your focus in reality, you guys.

07:13 PM #
Wonder if Guy Fieri drove the pace car for the olympic opening ceremony? Must have. Who else would they get? Missed it. So steamed.