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DadBoner - Sat Aug 04 2012

02:00 PM #
Really hurtin'. Feel like I drank a thousand beers last night, you guys.

02:09 PM #
Pad is kind of a wreck. Dave said I couldn't have ever gotten into the olympics. Idiot. All you need is training at crap no one wants to do.

02:12 PM #
Everyone wants to play NFL. But rowing or some crap like that? Not like there's a big line out the door to devote your life to it for free.

02:18 PM #
Told Dave, "If all I did for the last 20 years was train at shot put, pretty sure I'd kickass at shot put. But I didn't 'cause I was busy."

02:22 PM #
Dave said, "Put your money where your mouth is then, tough guy." Put down a finski. Had to get it on.

02:24 PM #
Filled up the toaster with pennies, taped it shut, and went out on the lawn. Told Dave, "Furthest shot put wins the fiver, kimosabe."

02:27 PM #
I went first. Musta thrown the toaster like a mile. Could tell Dave was shakin' in his shoes when he saw I was all man, no filler.

02:30 PM #
Dave said, "My sport's the hammer throw. Like Thor." No, it's not. You just like that stupid movie, Dave. Doesn't mean it's your sport.

02:32 PM #
Dave grabbed the pennies toaster of glory by the cord and started swingin' it around like a psycho. Looked kinda cool actually.

02:35 PM #
Dave let the toaster full o' pennies fly. Went through the back window of somebody's Grand Prix. Ran back in the pad. It was an accident.

02:38 PM #
When you throw a toaster filled with pennies through the back window of a Grand Prix, it sounds like it, you guys.

02:43 PM #
The Grand Prix was gone this mornin'. Who knows? Coulda been someone up to no good and thought, "Whoa, better get outta here, pronto."

02:49 PM #
Gonna have a few cold ones to get loose and conversational. Then stop by Ken's with my Roadhouse DVD and some booze. Guy to guy.