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DadBoner - Sun Aug 05 2012

04:27 PM #
Stopped by Ken's last night for a guy to guy supreme with my copy of Roadhouse, BL 'Nums, chips n dip. The works, really. Full spread.

04:36 PM #
Heard some arguin' in Ken's house. Didn't want to interrupt and make it weird so I hid in the shadows by a window and had a few cold ones.

04:39 PM #
Heard Ken's wife say, "We are DONE Ken! There's nothin' more to discuss! You had sex with a MAN! You're gay! This is over!!!" Whoa.

04:42 PM #
Ken said, "I told you a million times, it was ONE time before we got married! I was drunk and in a bad place then! I'm not gay!...

04:43 PM # said I could tell you ANYTHING! I want us to be together! Please, try to understand, that wasn't me! I wasn't being me!...

04:45 PM #
...I should've never told you! And it doesn't make me a bad person! If I could go back and change things I would but I can't!...

04:46 PM #
...Just please don't leave me! I love you so much! You're my everything! I'm sorry! I'm so sorry! Oh my god, please I'm begging you!"

04:48 PM #
Ken's wife said, "No Ken, no. I can't be married to a man who might have feelings for other men." Ken yelled, "F@ck you for judging me!"

04:53 PM #
Heard a glass break and a door slam, then cryin. Had another cold one in the shadows and split. Figured it probably wasn't "Roadhouse time?"

04:57 PM #
Wonder if Ken really got carnal with a guy? Doesn't seem like the type. Not really into fashion. If I was gay, man, I'd take advantage.

04:59 PM #
Scarves look badass, but, also look gay. So, if you're gay, might as well look badass with plento of scarves, you guys.

05:01 PM #
Told Dave 'bout Ken and his Oo La La wife's fight. He just got all steamed and said, "You were gonna watch Roadhouse without me!?" Idiot.

05:04 PM #
Wonder if Ken'll be back at work Monday? Might drop some hints that I'm cool with the gays from coast to coast. (not "down", just "cool")

05:09 PM #
This is America, and if you wanna make carnal passions with your peener and another peener, just keep it safely consensual, you guys.