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DadBoner - Mon Aug 06 2012

12:35 PM #
No sign of Ken at work. Hope he's ok. Things must be tough when your smokin' wife thinks you dig peener & veggies over chest beefers.

12:40 PM #
Feel bad that I tore out all the topless guy 'logne ads outta Ken's Kate Upton GQ. Mighta been his best part? Need to be more considerate.

12:46 PM #
If my main man Ken wants to go guy on guy carnally, I'm behind him 100%. Well maybe not "behind him." Ha! Sorry, just some guy humor.

12:55 PM #
Don't understand why some folks hate the gays. They're great at all kindsa things, like friendship, olympic sports, advice, anything really.

12:59 PM #
Was thinkin' 'bout headin' down to Oakland to check out the new chicken sammy restaurant. Not now, with Ken in these troubled times.

01:15 PM #
Heard the Chick Filet guy's got a mean one for the gays. Rich fellas who crave a man's caress get real jealous of others' brave pleasures.

01:17 PM #
The Chick Filet guy seems like a rich corncob bully, like Brad Wesley in Roadhouse. Love to get my mitts on him behind the scenes.

01:22 PM #
A modern man don't lead life by all the rules of some old bible. That's like readin' 'bout today's athletics in a 1981 Sports Illustrated.