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DadBoner - Wed Aug 08 2012

11:59 AM #
Finished up the first scene of my Roadhouse remake starring Guy Fieri. Turned out badass. Check it out, you guys:

01:36 PM #
Really ridin' high today off my Roadhouse script. Probably how Sly felt after he finished writin' Rocky III. Should send him a copy?

03:00 PM #
Headin' to Cold One City, USA. Gonna really do it up. Got a copy of the Roadhouse script in my back pocket. Might show it to some babes.

03:03 PM #
Any Babe: "What's in your pocket?" Me: "Just copy of the Roadhouse script I wrote starrin me and Guy Fieri." Any Babe: "Your place or mine?"

03:03 PM #
Feel like I could drink a thousand beers right now, you guys.