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DadBoner - Thu Aug 09 2012

11:19 AM #
Really lookin' forward to the weekend, you guys.

05:24 PM #
Gonna take it easy tonight. Spent most of the day snoozin' in the john. Went kinda bonkers last night. Mighta been too pumped?

05:33 PM #
Brought my Roadhouse script to 'Bee's. Figured if there's any movers and shakers in town lookin' for a smash, they'd be there. And, babes.

05:38 PM #
Bet the Hollywood 'Bee's is crawlin' with head honchos cuttin' deals left and right. "I'll take the Cajun Shrimp Pasta and... Rambo 6." Man.

05:42 PM #
Had the Shrimp 'n Parmesan Sirloin. Succulent grilled shrimp and rich Italian cheeses atop their juicy 9oz. sirloin with garlic mashed.

05:51 PM #
Insisted on a booth. (So steamed, had to wait 45 min) That's how Hollywood big shots do it. Feels like a desk. Table for 4. Seating for 1.

05:53 PM #
Eatin' a big meal in a booth by yourself at 'Bee's doesn't say, "lonely," it screams, "POWER MOVES", right in your face.

05:58 PM #
Musta took down 7 Mucho Margs. Chili's usually gives me the eye, but 'Bee's, man, they'll dump it down your throat and then some.

06:01 PM #
Mucho Margs are like Margs, but there's "mucho." So 7 Mucho Margs is alot more Margs than 7. Didn't really have to do the math, you guys.

06:11 PM #
Saw a babe with a rockin' caboose at the bar. Went to ask if she wanted to join my private booth. Crashed into a table but played it cool.

06:13 PM #
Some kid started yellin' that I knocked his pop on his lap. Told his parents, "Sorry, Mucho Margs." Understandable?

06:19 PM #
Did a carnal lean next to the rockin caboose babe. Said, Buy you a cold one, at my private booth? Got out my Roadhouse script. Real casual.

06:21 PM #
Told her, "Oh, forgot I had this. It's just my new Roadhouse remake starrin' Guy Fieri and maybe yours truly. No big deal." Looked natural.

06:24 PM #
Rockin' caboose said, "I don't know what your talking about. Guy Fieri? That gross creep from the food network?" (?!)

06:26 PM #
Told the babe, "You're thinkin' of some other food guy. Guy Fieri's all man. Drives a Camaro. He's probably the #1 chef in the USA."

06:29 PM #
Any babe who's not into Guy Fieri on a carnal level, isn't into men at all. That's a fact you don't have to look up, you guys.

06:34 PM #
Don't remember much else except for the waitress woke me up in my private 'Bee's booth when they closed. Guess I ate too much.