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DadBoner - Fri Aug 10 2012

12:49 PM #
Man, I got that Friday fever. Where you wanna do everything, and nothing at all, all at once, you guys.

01:22 PM #
Dave just called. Said he saw my Roadhouse script on the couch. Didn't believe I wrote it! Thinks it rocks. Man, smilin' so hard.

01:32 PM #
Dave thinks we should have a celebraish and all read the different parts of the script. Could be a blast. Maybe invite some babes?

01:35 PM #
Might really send my Roadhouse script to Sly Stallone. If Dave thinks it's on point, Sly could too. Dave's seen Cobra a thousand times.

01:40 PM #
If the world won't let you in the front, go around back, kick the door down, and act like you were invited, you guys.