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DadBoner - Mon Aug 13 2012

11:52 AM #
Really hurtin' today, you guys. Woke up in an alley off Fenton Rd on Sunday afternoon. Cell phone and wallet missing. Feel kinda down.

12:01 PM #
Had to walk 2 miles back to the bar I remembered bein' at. So filthy and wet. Still feel achey and sick. Poundin' Diet Dew. Gotta hydrate.

12:03 PM #
Lost my keys, but I had my top secret magnet key holder under the 'Bring. Technology saved the day.

12:06 PM #
Guess some street animal slashed up the 'Bring's drop top. Stole my boombox. Just can't trust anyone nowadays if you own somethin' nice.

12:26 PM #
Rained pretty bad in the 'Bring. Taped it shut with a trash bag. Gonna need a detailing and some repairs. It's about pride.

01:20 PM #
Ann just called the WORK phone. Was steamed I didn't pick up my phone yesterday. Said I was supposed to watch the kids. Don't remember that.

01:23 PM #
Told Ann, "I woke up in an alley due to unforeseen circumstances I don't remember! Maybe ask, how ya doin'? first!" So selfish.

01:33 PM #
Ann still doesn't get that I have social obligations that come up unexpectedly. I can't watch the kids when I'm on call for action.

01:40 PM #
Whoa. Didn't even notice my man Ken's back today! Nosey just said we're supposed to go for a couple drinks as a welcome back celebraish.

01:43 PM #
When the weekend gets dangerous, it's good to have a couple casual drinks on Monday just to prove you're still under control, you guys.