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DadBoner - Fri Aug 17 2012

01:25 PM #
Don'chu know, that you are a Friday star. And all the world will love you, just as long, as long as you are, you guys.

01:30 PM #
Dave read scene 2 of Roadhouse 2012 last night. Said it sounds like the baddest ass movie ever. Told him, "Why even write anything else?"

01:33 PM #
Hollywood don't always know what's best for movies. "We could make somethin' with monster trucks and chainsaws, but let's make Hope Floats."

01:35 PM #
Dave asked if he could tag-team the rest of the script with me. Told him no. I ride solo, and don't need nobody's help in my spotlight.

01:42 PM #
A real bad boy knows you don't water down your writing with help from others like a little girl gettin' down from the monkey bars.

01:45 PM #
Wonder what kinda hats big time script writers in Hollywood wear? Gonna have to get whatever that is.

01:51 PM #
Got my new license sorted out. Wouldn't let me take my pic in my Maui Jim's though. Got kinda steamed. Tried to sneak 'em on last second.

02:01 PM #
Got a new bankcard too. Man, just somethin' 'bout fresh plastic that's beggin' to get rode hard & put away wet on cold ones & cocktails.

02:13 PM #
WLZN. Captain Karl here on your Friday. This one goes out to all you guys headin' to Cold One City, USA. See ya there.