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DadBoner - Tue Aug 21 2012

12:59 PM #
Really need to do somethin' 'bout this Crazy Cooter situaish. Asked him if he needed a lift home last night. Said, "I got my f*ckin' car."

01:01 PM #
Walked by the john, saw Crazy Cooter havin' carnal passions with himself with the door open. Turned around and said, "beat it, homo!"

01:05 PM #
Whizzin' with the john open is cool in a guy pad, but makin' solo carnal passions is definitely a check the lock twice scenario, you guys.

01:13 PM #
Crazy Cooter said he needs to crash until Amber get here from Indiana and that her "cooze'll heal his f*ckin' ribs up." (?)

01:18 PM #
Cooter still hasn't bathed at all. Just emptied out a whole can of Dave's Axe body spray on himself. Pretty much just made things worse.

01:28 PM #
Was enjoyin a supreme DiGiorno. Cooter sat down and sprayed the Axe. Said, "Double pits to chesty, and balls, and a-hole." Ruined my snack.

01:32 PM #
Can't enjoy a supreme 'za with all the toppings when another man is next to you shootin' body spray up his backdoor, you guys.