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DadBoner - Wed Aug 22 2012

01:58 PM #
Really draggin' today. Didn't get any sleep. Crazy Cooter and Dave were up 'til 5am arguin' what Nintendo game was best. Sick of this.

02:00 PM #
Crazy Cooter just kept screamin', "Man, Contra was so f*ckin' sweet." Then Dave would say, "No way. Double Dragon." Went on for hours.

02:03 PM #
And, when I came home, Cooter was in the john with his underpants in the toilet, filled with soap, tryin' to flush 'em clean. So steamed.

02:05 PM #
After work I have a 4 part system: 1. Open cold one. 2. Relax on toilet. 3. Drink cold one. 4. Push out the day's stress. It's KARL time.

02:08 PM #
Can't live my life with Crazy Cooter's madness around. I have a regimen that's tried and true for my all business lifestyle.

02:10 PM #
Might have to say somethin' to Crazy Cooter 'bout hittin' the bricks tonight. Probly should hide the knives and breakables first.