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DadBoner - Thu Aug 23 2012

11:04 AM #
Really lookin' forward to the weekend, you guys.

11:23 AM #
Was gonna tell Crazy Cooter to hit the bricks last night but he came through with 2 $5 Hot 'N Ready's as a thank you for lettin' him crash.

11:26 AM #
Sure, Cooter made Dave go get the Hot 'N Readys and paid for 'em with quarters outta my change jar, but it was a gesture.

11:30 AM #
Couldn't have 'za without cold ones, so I said I'd get us a Dirty 30 of Busch. Cooter said, "Get 2. Don't queer up on the brews, Welzein."

11:37 AM #
30 cold ones for 3 guys is good for a Wednesday, no matter what your sexual orientation is. Likin' peeners don't affect thirst, you guys.

11:40 AM #
Crazy Cooter said, "Amber's supposed to come up from Indiana tomorrow. Gettin me ALL that slizz. Let's f*ckin' rage!" Seemed understandable?

11:43 AM #
Had a dozen or so casual cold ones to be polite. Then had to crash in the 'Bring. Dave & Cooter wouldn't stop blarin' some ICP song.

11:49 AM #
Went in the pad for a big 5am BM. It's the Hot 'N Ready $5 wake up call. Cooter was shavin' his peener in the kitchen with my beard trimmer.

11:54 AM #
Cooter said, "Check out my f*ckin' hog! Gettin' it fat 'n nasty for Amber's face cooze!" Then barfed in the sink and started breathin hard.

11:58 AM #
Pushed out my Hot 'N Ready BM and went back to the 'Bring to snooze. Gotta say somethin tonight. Cooter don't have any class. Sick of this.