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DadBoner - Fri Aug 24 2012

03:41 PM #
Spent most of the day snoozin in the john. Had a rough night. Crazy Cooter and his "slizz" Amber musta took off. Locked the door. Layin low.

03:46 PM #
Came home last night, Cooter and Amber were on the couch. Cooter said, "Welzein, this is fuckin' Amber, man. Hands off, f*cker." No problem.

03:49 PM #
Cooter seemed proud. Had his arm round Amber like she was primo. Might be the grossest babe I ever seen. In the mug, bod, everything really.

03:52 PM #
Cooter said, "Know I said we were gonna split, but my Ma's at home bein' a f*ckin' bitch, so we're gotta use your place for a slam pad."

03:56 PM #
Cooter was talkin' 'bout how "Amber's got a gaper and if she gets rocked she'll bust a spread for ya'll." It was my cue to go anywhere else.

04:00 PM #
Told Dave, "Let's hit Chili's for a lil Thirstday celebraish, give these 2 some privacy." Dave said, "But she's gonna bust a spread!" Idiot.

04:07 PM #
"Gaper" and "bust a spread" might be terms of carnal passions behind a car parts store, but I don't work at AutoZone, you guys.

04:11 PM #
Came back from Chili's pretty bombed. Amber & Cooter were on the couch, in the nude, smokin' some weird crap. Kinda missed Ann for a second.

04:14 PM #
Thought about callin' Ann, just to see what's up. Was pretty late though. Just went to sleep in the 'Bring again. Just felt kinda, bad.

04:18 PM #
Gonna just take it easy. Maybe watch the Tigers and clean up the pad. Maybe get a PREMIUM sixer. Somethin' nice. Order some 'za. Relax.

04:21 PM #
Don't always have to take Fridays to the limit, 'specially when you been sleepin' in your car for 2 days. Ol' homebody Karl is gonna chill!

04:36 PM #
Man, I'm gonna chill so hard tonight, you guys.

07:31 PM #
I'm chillin' the most, you guys.