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DadBoner - Fri Aug 31 2012

11:50 AM #
As a nation awaits the Labor Day weekend celebraish, I extend my hand, brother to brother, coast to coast. Happy friday to ya, you guys.

12:07 PM #
Can't believe we're still at work. Can't wait to peel out and give the double middles so hard, like fists armed with freedom rockets.

12:29 PM #
Wish I had 3 hands so I could give work the triple middle, one for each day of the weekend. Blazin' into the sky like rock n roll on fire.

12:47 PM #
Guess they're gonna let us out at 4:30. Why not 4?! What the big difference? No one's gonna do crap anyway. Wasting MY time.

12:51 PM #
Goin' to get my Discman and CDs outta the 'Bring. Sneak a lil' taste of the trunk liquor. Well, more like a BIG taste. Ha!

01:11 PM #
We're live on WLZN. Here's a nasty cut from Kevin DuBrow & the boys. It's Quiet Riot, with Bang Your Head:

01:18 PM #
All hands on deck! You're with the Captain on WLZN for your Labor Day weekend. Here's Van Halen. WLZN. Man, so thick.

01:24 PM #
You're back with The Captain. Let's kick up the bold ear flavors with the man from Romeo, it's Kid Rock, on WLZN:

01:32 PM #
This is the Captain, signin' off for the big 3 day celebraish. May Bob be your co-pilot. WLZN.

01:32 PM #
Labor Day Weekend, 2012. Let's roll, you guys.