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DadBoner - Mon Sep 03 2012

03:26 PM #
Had such a blast last night. Decided to cruise up with the boat to Bay City with Dave. Peeped so many Bay City babes at the Hooters.

03:29 PM #
Hooters is a real destination spot for boaters everywhere. Havin' a boat in the Hooters parking lot is such a winning combination.

03:37 PM #
Musta took down 18 wings AND fries. Could tell our waitress was impressed. Told her, "You're probably impressed. It's cool." Played it cool.

03:42 PM #
Told our waitress, "Name's Captain Karl. Got my boat parked outside if you wanna hang with me & Dave." Then Dave ripped a hot one. Blew it.

03:45 PM #
Guess Dave's rank beef was pretty thick 'cause our Hooter's babe just brought the bill and didn't say anything. Got kinda steamed.

03:47 PM #
Told Dave, "Ya can't just rip nasty cuts when we got an outta town swag topped with boat!" Said he'd fix it. Started doin' the peener. Jeez.

03:52 PM #
You can't just start doin the Peener after you get the bill to smooth over a ripe heater. Looks desperate and unnatural. Babes can sense it.

04:06 PM #
Decided to chill in the boat in the Hooter's parkin' lot. Crank up the jams and drink some cold ones. Got some real looks!

04:10 PM #
Didn't put the boat in the water. Too bombed. Wanted to be responsible so we drove home. Dave rode in the boat as a lookout for safety.

04:44 PM #
Been just hangin' in the boat all day with Dave. A boat don't have to be in the water for you to be chillin' the most, you guys.

06:54 PM #
Wish Labor Day weekend could last a thousand years, you guys.

07:00 PM #
Still a few more hours of Labor Day weekend left. Gotta take advantage. Gonna make a batch of margs and gas it to the finish line. USA.

07:02 PM #
Waste not, want not. And that includes precious time you could be sluggin' smooth cocktails before goin' back to the workweek slave cage.