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DadBoner - Thu Sep 06 2012

11:20 AM #
Really lookin' forward to the weekend, you guys.

05:18 PM #
Finally in Cold One City. Nosey Lady said we all had to stay LATE today to "catch up" from Monday off. THAT'S NOT HOW IT WORKS, YUCK MOUTH!

05:23 PM #
Nosey Lady was so far up my ass today I asked her if she could taste what I had for lunch. Didn't get it. Dumb sow. (I had Arb's)

05:25 PM #
Wanted to choke out Nosey Lady so hard. But, ya gotta respect the ladies, you guys. Even the pieces of trash.

05:37 PM #
Sometimes, after a bad day, you just gotta rip cold ones and let "Simple Man" bring the angry waters up high enough to beat 'em back down.

06:35 PM #
Man, I should just quit work. Start doin' MY thing, you guys.

07:02 PM #
Gonna go hang out in the boat in the parkin' lot. Slip Whitenake's "Slide It In" tape in the Pioneer and let it roll like a babe bug light.