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DadBoner - Fri Sep 07 2012

11:07 AM #
Happy Friday to ya, you guys. Woke up in the boat this mornin'. Guess the battery died from leavin' the Whitesnake on. Really rocked it!

11:14 AM #
Couldn't stand to go to work and take anymore crap. Stayin' home to focus on my Roadhouse script, get a boat battery, etc. Gotta prioritize.

11:16 AM #
Called work and straight up told Nosey Lady I had a case of the "mega D." It was a real power move.

11:31 AM #
Had Arb's yesterday so technically, I wasn't lyin' about havin' "mega D." I don't, but it's not really a lie if it could be true, you guys.

11:33 AM #
Told Nosey Lady to keep my D situaish "private and confidential." Used a mysterious voice to appeal to her feminine side.

11:36 AM #
If you're tellin' a lie (only for good), make it sound like a secret, so that idiot wants to believe it even more and feel special.